New at LVH: Pickled Pink!

Posted October 21, 2013

Dill colored polka dots with bubble-gum pink accents cover the packaging for Pickled Pink Foods: A Pickle with a Purpose, which immediately captured Emily’s attention.

Emily knew she was smitten with the duo after they asked to take a picture for being the first retailer to buy their product. Their charming product and warming welcome may have grabbed Emily’s attention initially, but it was the purpose behind each pickle that makes this product special.

In 2004 Hunter Stephenson, 16, passed away after being given a prescription drug at a party. In honor of Hunter a nonprofit organization was created helping save lives by reporting suspicious or unsafe activity including bullying, drug abuse, alcohol abuse or other issues affecting our youth. Appropriately named, Hunter’s Hotline the hotline is confidential to schools while helping raise community awareness.

As their first customer, we are proud to carry Pickled Pink. Every jar of these sweet gourmet pickles add a splash of flavor to every dish while raising awareness toward issues for our youth today.

For more information about Hunters Hotline visit

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