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L.V. Harkness
Elmali/Antalya Kilim rug
Elmali/Antalya Kilim rug
Item #: 132449
96 x 64
100% Natural Wool
100% Natural Dye
Colors: aubergine, apricot, beige, brick red, lavender, slate, lime, sunny yellow
This Kilim, or rug that is woven flat, is handmade in the village of Antalya in the city of Elmali in Turkey. The practice of making these rugs are invaluable to the people of this village. Traditionally made by women, these rugs are crafted through learning from the ladies in their families before them most often in rooms in their own homes. All the hand cultivated dyes, fibers and yarns with the addition of the each individual rug makers creative will and available looms and space guarantee that there are no two rugs alike that come from this part of the world.