Our Services

Customization Sand Carving

New to L.V. Harkness & Co.--crystal and glass sand carving offers our customer even more options for personalization. Find the perfect glass or crystal gift in our store and we will professionally etch custom artwork, architectural designs, logos, monograms/initials—the possibilities are endless. Sand carving is ideal for awards of distinction or trophies to honor. Contact Whitney at trophies@lvharkness.com.

L.V. Harkness & Co. also offers embossing services for our leather products.


Personalize your silver, silverplate and pewter gifts from L.V. Harkness with custom engraving services. Company logos, monograms/initials, personal sentiment—all created specially for you, your way. Professional artisans and designers are on-site to direct you in your engraving decisions. Choose from a variety of fonts and set-ups. Contact Whitney at trophies@lvharkness.com.