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Bandit the Racoon Doll
 Bandit the Racoon Doll
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Florence and her friend, Susan Pritchett, were traveling in Peru when they discovered artisan knitters who'd been making finger puppets for children out of left over sweater wool. A trick they'd passed down from generation to generation. The pair teamed up with the Peruvian knitters, and Florence began to design these magical dolls for children.

Florence had a pretty magical childhood herself. She grew up in Bordeaux, France — the daughter of a wine label printer. She lived in a chateau with no television or washing machine, but a grand piano and lots of books. One of those books, La Fontaine's Fables illustrated by Dore, became an inspiration for the Blabla line.

Blabla is a champion of children, and these dolls are designed to feel like old friends. Hand-knitted from natural fibers by Peruvian artisans. Eco-friendly and durable. Frequent smiles likely.