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Box with Bisque Horsehead Lid 2010 WEG
Item #: 99126
Box with Bisque Horsehead Lid 2010 WEG


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4 1/2" x 4 1/2" Kiln Fired Porcelain
KPM Box with Bisque Horsehead Lid
Official Commemorative Box from the 2010 World Equestrian Games
Supplies Limited

The Kongliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin, or KPM, was founded by Johann Ernst Gotzkowsky in 1761, and was subsequently taken over by King Frederick the Great of Prussia in 1763. From the beginning the King was personally involved in the development of KPM so great was his passion for porcelain. Meissen artisans who had defected from the Meissen factory in Saxony after Saxony’s defeat in the Seven Years War aided him. King Frederick chose the blue scepter as KPM's trademark. He had details from some of his Rococo paintings transferred onto porcelain, and had floral designs copied from nature, rather than engravings, as was then the fashion. This directive has been followed right up to the present day.

All floral decorations and floral designs on the KPM services and gift items are handpainted from historical originals. KPM's painters must apprentice for five to eight years, which furthers the artists' talent as well as his knowledge of styles of the various periods and the behavior of colors during firing and other complicated procedures of manufacturing fine china. After all these techniques have been mastered, the painter can place his individual sign on each of his items. Thus each KPM piece can be traced back to its individual painter. All paint colors are lead-free. Leaves, blooms and other decorations on vases and dinnerware are hand-modeled and placed on the items by each individual artisan. Figurines and animals may take up to 83 individual pieces to be assembled. Today, KPM strives to achieve styles which reflect current moods as well as those of the future -- all the while continuing Frederick the Great's devotion to detail that makes each KPM piece a work of art.

KPM honors requests for specific floral motifs or painted themes, for monograms, anniversary dates or brief texts. Prices are available on request.
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