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Flamboyant Pheasant
Flamboyant Pheasant
Item #: 133165
$4,575 Please call or email for price.
14.25" X 8.5"

Limited Edition

Ring-necked pheasants often live in tall vegetation and old fields which, despite their very colorful plumage, can make them hard to see. Only a bare winter landscape renders these birds highly visible. Perhaps that is why the male pheasant resorts to a rooster-like crowing which can be heard miles away at all hours of the day – much to the delight of his neighbors no doubt. With this figurine, a hush has settled over Farmer Brown’s field because this pheasant realizes that his brilliantly hued feathers no longer need a town crier to be noticed. From the saturated turquoise on his head to the rich, red tones on his chest and wings to the dramatic gold highlights throughout, this beautiful boy is sure to be visible regardless of the season.