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Hemp Bark
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This is our healthiest candy, made with organic hemp seed, dark chocolate, and dried cranberries. We’ve packed a substantial amount – 10 ounces – in a tin, to keep at your desk for an afternoon pick me up, or in your kitchen for the same.

Hemp seed contains every amino acid we need, and has plant proteins that work toward a strong immune system. The seeds have the ideal ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, which we cannot synthesize. Dark chocolate ensures the numerous and well-documented benefits of chocolate’s antioxidants and flavonoids, without too much sugar.

Hemp seed also is a well-known anti-inflammatory food. Many of life’s health scourges are the result of inflammation, so choosing an anti-inflammatory diet is something we all should do.

The tins make great gifts, lovely hostess presents, and nice stocking stuffers for the health supporter on your list.