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Pewter Lakeside 5x7 Frame

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5" x 7"

The Lakeside Metal Picture Frame evokes the meditative bliss of spending summer nights on the water! Inspired by a classic design from the 1700s known as cable-bobbin, this metal picture frame is the perfect choice for displaying family photos, pictures with children, and bringing idyllic lakefront scenery into your home.

The Lakeside metal picture frame is handcrafted from the finest pewter materials to ensure the highest possible quality. The border of the frame is decorated with ovals spaced out around, reminding you of the immensity of the open water. Between each oval are three small fish, with a simplistic design that helps the viewer to appreciate the design. All of these features also add a unique texture to the frame.

The Lakeside Metal Picture Frame is the ideal gift for anyone with a profound appreciation for sailing, kayaking, or simply enjoying the delightful atmosphere of the outdoors. It’s also a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings, and all other occasions!
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