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Sommelier Bordeaux/Cabernet Glass
Sommelier Bordeaux/Cabernet Glass
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Item #: 80539
$125 Please call or email for price.
8.5" Height
12 Ounces

Wines from classified Bordeaux châteaux have tremendous ageing potential.

In fact, when stored in perfect conditions Bordeaux can mature for a hundred years or more - and such venerable wines can offer an incomparable tasting experience. Late-ripening, small-berried clusters of Cabernet Sauvignon produce a wine with powerful tannic structure, and it is this that gives the wine its unique longevity. Bottle ageing develops both the color and the aromas, fusing together and rounding out the tannins to the point that the wine tastes even better than it smells.

This stage marks a plateau from which the wine will slowly start to decline in quality. And it is at precisely this point that this classic Sommeliers shape comes into its own. The glass offers a smaller 'breathing space' than that for the Bordeaux Grand Cru, thereby de-emphasising the aromas of age. Reduced tannin levels are revived on the palate, while the fruit is highlighted.
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