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L.V. Harkness
Sumak Tribal Rug
Sumak Tribal Rug
Item #: 132333
64” x 39”

100% Natural Wool
100% Natural Dye

Colors: Slate, navy, camel, burgundy, orange, forest green, sepia, olive

“Soumak” or “Sumak” rugs are a specific type of flat weave similar to kilim but stronger and thicker. The smooth top displays varying textures and the knots and threads on the back are proof of it’s painstaking handiwork. The weft threads are knotted over each warp making it a combination of kilim and hand knotted. It is much more difficult to weave than a kilim and takes longer.

This sumac is made by the Kurdish tride in Kurdistan. It is a traditional rug made by the ladies in their homes.