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Corinne Brandy Glass For you favorite cognac or Armagnac…a well sized brandy balloon.
William Yeoward
Corinne Brandy Glass


Corinne Piccolo Wine Sampling Glass A special small glass for sampling wine and champagne. Also a fun way to serve a cocktail or champagne!
William Yeoward
Corinne Piccolo Wine Sampling Glass


Corinne Champagne Flute  A classical champagne flute, beautifully proportioned
William Yeoward
Corinne Champagne Flute


Corinne Highball Tumbler A good glass for long drinks….beer, fruit juice or Pimms!
William Yeoward
Corinne Highball Tumbler


Corinne Goblet Perfect for water or a large glass of wine! Very smart and practical.
William Yeoward
Corinne Goblet


Corinne Wine Tumbler Something different…a wine tumbler small and large. Great for the patio or picnic!
William Yeoward
Corinne Wine Tumbler


Corinne Double Old Fashioned Tumbler A classic large tumbler. Perfect for water, gin & tonic, or bourbon on the rocks.

Please call store for delivery timing.
William Yeoward
Corinne Double Old Fashioned Tumbler


Corinne Wine Glass Perfect for all wine - white, rose or red. Well proportioned and a generous size.
William Yeoward
Corinne Wine Glass


Corinne Cocktail Glass A stunning classical coupe………for cocktails or champagne….a lovely glass to hold and to use!
William Yeoward
Corinne Cocktail Glass


Corinne Hollow Stem Champagne Flute Keep you champagne or sparkling wine bubbling with this hollow stemmed flute…very stylish!
William Yeoward
Corinne Hollow Stem Champagne Flute