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African Fascination Box
African Fascination Box
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Item #: 36791
$6,613 Please call or email for price.
4.75" x 3.75"
Limited Edition 37/75

The decor on this exotic item whets the appetite for far-flung places. Scenes from an age of adventure on the Dark Continent have been combined to telling visual effect. The interplay of overglaze painting and gilded motifs lends the box a sense of mystery. The golden lion majestically straddling the lid and keeping a watchful eye on the box's contents is particularly eye catching. Landscape and figurative painting have a long tradition at Meissen. Whther recreating scenes from Saxony or from foreign climes, artists at Meissen have been at pains to capture the most varied of impressions on porcelain ever since the Manufactory started doing business.