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Dennis Meade
Bar Necklace
Bar Necklace
Item #: 130573
$650 Please call or email for price.
19.5" x .315"
.925 Sterling

Simple. Substantial. Stylish. This Dennis Meade handmade necklace is for the put-together no-fuss lady in your life. It's clean lines lend itself to those who are drawn to a modern aesthetic but can also accompany casual, daytime apparel for a crisp, polished look. It has the sparkle and presentation that when dressed up it imparts the beholder with the realization that less really is more.

As each piece is handmade, please contact the store for availability and delivery time at 859-225-7474 or at sales@lvharkness.com.
**Please contact store for availability and details regarding this item at 866-225-7474 or at sales@lvharkness.com.