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Seguso Viro
Boreale Small Plate
Boreale Small Plate
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The founder of today's Seguso family, Francesco di Antonio was born around 1465 on the island of Murano, where the art of glass blowing began 1000 years ago. The name Seguso is intrinsically intertwined with this ancient craft; each generation of Segusos passing their art down to the next to the present day. The Seguso family was especially successful between the mid-sixteenth century and the mid-seventeenth centuries when they created an extensive creative network for their products. It was not until the nineteenth century, however, that they produced their best work, and made their name as one of the leading international glassmakers. Antonio Seguso played a crucial role in the nineteenth century, creating many masterpieces, and his genius was much acclaimed. Upon his death in 1903, Antonio's son, Giovanni, claimed his mantle. Giovanni was known for his ability to blow very elegant glasses having a singular lightness. At seventy years of age, Giovanni was also designing exquisite colored glasses up until his death in 1931. His son, Antonio, continued on in the glass blowing business. He was soon joined by his son, Archimede, who left his studies at a young age to apprentice for his father. In 1937 he became a partner with his father, and in 1942 he founded his own glassworks. It was then that he began to design new filigree, the first completely original work ever since the Renaissance. In the Seguso tradition, Archimede was joined in his business by his two sons, Gino and Giampaolo. Gino continued working with his father until his death in 1999, and then took over the company. Giampaolo founded his own glassworks, Seguso Viro, in 1993 with his three sons, Gianluca, Pierpaolo, and Gianandrea. He is committed to maintaining the high technical and aesthetic levels of his forbearers. He is also determined to continually stimulate the exceptional manual skill that is Segusa Viro without betraying the values of tradition. Every year Seguso Viro continues to amaze and delight us with their exquisite offerings