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Saint Louis Cristal
Botticelli Medium Old-Fashioned
Botticelli Medium Old-Fashioned
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The rich natural resources of the Alsace-Lorraine region of France provide the necessary materials for glassmaking. This was evident as early as 1586, when a glassworks was established at Munzthal, the actual site of the Cristal Saint Louis manufactory today. Two centuries later, in 1767, King Louis XV bestowed the honor of becoming the “Royal Glassworks" on the small Munzthal factory. Saint Louis, the patron saint of the King, became the patron saint of the glassworks, and thus, Cristal Saint Louis was born.

Soon after that, in 1781, the factory perfected the composition of lead crystal (the addition of lead oxide to the recipe of white sand and potash gives crystal its weight, clarity, and light reflecting properties), and the glassworks became the first designated Cristallerie in continental Europe. The 19th century brought with it years rich in innovation. The Cristallerie became specialists in cased crystal, which is clear crystal blown into a “case" of colored crystal and then cut away to reveal the clear in a beautiful design. Legend has it that the color was introduced as a way of hiding the sediments found in the wines of the region! Saint Louis also developed the technique of acid engraving, whereby the design is “etched" into the crystal in an acid bath. This permitted the highly refined decorations for which Saint Louis became known. The workers also mastered the art of hand painted gild ornamentation on the crystal, still one of the hallmarks of Saint Louis today. All of these innovations found great success with the rising middle class, or bourgeois. A new fashion evolved of setting the table with a suite of glasses, one for each purpose, and that tradition remains today.

In 1999, the Cristallerie was granted the French standard of “Haute Cristallerie" certification label, which guarantees the authenticity of products manufactured using traditional techniques of mouth blowing and hand decoration. Cristal Saint Louis has always maintained a level of excellence that distinguishes it from other crystal houses. To own a piece is to own a true work of art.