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Girl Lying with Wreath of Flowers
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Girl Lying with Wreath of Flowers

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5.5"/14 cm
Madchen liegend mit Kranz
Designed by Julius Konrad Hentschel, 1905

The porcelain children of Julius Konrad Hentschel were created between 1904 and 1907. During this period, attitudes toward children and their education were changing. Children were no longer viewed as miniature adults but as independent individuals. Superficial cuteness was replaced by everyday childhood realities. Indeed, detailed, loving observations of children's activities, free of sentimentality formed the basis of the charm and appreciation of the children of Julius Hentschel. Other artists such as Max Bochmann and Alfred Konig assisted him, continuing the master's series after his unexpected death in 1907, leaving behind a lasting legacy of beautiful porcelain children performing everyday child activities in a realistic environment forever known as "Hentschel's Children."
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