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William Yeoward Crystal
Helena Large Wine
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William Yeoward Crystal
Helena Large Wine

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Helena is a very stylish design inspired by an original glass from 1780. The classic bowl is delicately cut around the rim, with beautifully rich facet cuts around the lower part of the bowl and the stem.

William Yeoward Crystal came into existence in 1995, the result of a remarkable collaboration between Timothy Jenkins and William Yeoward.

William Yeoward, already a noted designer working in the field of furniture and interiors, with a store on London's fashionable Kings Road, was an avid collector of antique crystal, but felt that there was little contemporary crystal that was truly beautiful. Timothy Jenkins, third generation in the family owned crystal business John Jenkins (founded in 1901) and a past president of The Guild of Glass Engravers, had an intimate knowledge of the European crystal industry and for some years had been making reproductions of antique pieces.

A chance meeting in 1993 brought Yeoward and Jenkins together and they quickly found that they shared a passion for the beautiful crystal of the 18th and 19th centuries and both wished that these wonderful pieces could once again be created and preserved for posterity. Wanting to turn this dream into reality they decided to pool their diverse talents, planning a collection of 70-80 pieces of tableware and decorative pieces, to be shown to the interior design world in the fall of 1995.

Yeoward's reputation in the design world gained him access to some of the best private collections in both England and the United States, and many wonderful pieces were found in the great country houses of England and Ireland. Jenkins' family collection revealed many treasures, and others were acquired at auction and from specialist antique dealers. Slowly the collection of antique originals came together and the decision was made that the new line should include as many unusual pieces as possible, shapes and decorations some of which had not been made for more than 150 years. Antique drinking glasses were found with a lemon squeezer foot, with hollow stems, glasses with polished cutting combined with copper wheel engraving, rare and lovely shapes, some simple and some ornate. All these pieces had to satisfy Yeoward's sense of design and his desire that they should be beautiful in themselves, that they should be functional and that they make elegant and wonderful table settings.

The collection received numerous accolades in the press and in September 1996 William Yeoward Crystal received from British House and Garden magazine the prestigious Award for Best Merchandise at the London interior design show Decorex.

Today, William Yeoward Crystal continues to grow, not only in crystal, but in sterling silver, porcelain, linens, and William Yeoward Country glass, a fabulous new line of casual glassware. Crystal, glass, porcelain and linen enthusiasts the world over can truly embrace a lifestyle that is William Yeoward Crystal; beautiful, elegant, and versatile.

7" Height
9 Ounces
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