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Leather Rhinoceros Large

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The first rhinoceros was designed by Dimitri Omersa in the late 1950’s and offered to Liberty’s of London for resale.

The immediate success of the rhinoceros led it to becoming the Omersa logo.

The Omersa animal is primarily designed as a decorative accessory for the home and office. The larger sizes (described as large, medium and standard in size order) can be used as a footstool whilst the smaller pieces (described as small and miniature) are more suitable for decoration. The internal metal and wooden frame will withstand average adult weight and a certain amount of rough play but please be aware the product is NOT built to furniture standards.

44" x 12" x 22"

The “large” sized leather rhinoceros is just short of 4 feet long and makes a great Statement piece. It is used very successfully to decorate large spaces and has been used in many interior design projects.

The height to the top of the back is approx. 19 3/4"

Top grain “unfinished” cowhide leather which will develop natural scuff marks reflecting the wear and tear of life
Internal metal and wooden frame to give support and weight
Hand filled with woodwool (shredded pine wood) to create shape and features as each piece of leather behaves differently no two animals are the same and sizes given are approximate
Hand stained mahogany brown, waxed and polished “eyes” made from leather

Product Care:

To keep your animal in the best of health for a long and happy life, may we suggest the following care tips:

Dust and apply a coat of NIKWAX Waterproofing Wax regularly (say every 6 weeks). DO NOT USE any spray or liquid polish as these will damage the color
Keep your animal dry and away from water. Regular coats of NIKWAX will help waterproof your animal against water damage
Keep your animal out of direct sunlight and or direct heat to prevent leather from drying out
Supervise very young children playing with an animal. They have a tendency to put tails, ears etc in their mouth and the stain may come off. NOTE: the stain is NON TOXIC
The product is designed primarily as a decorative item for the home. It is NOT built to furniture standards and the internal frame will only stand a certain amount of rough play!

If the color of your animal does fade and you would like to darken up, please purchase a bottle of stain to apply. To get best results, Nikwax should be applied after re-staining.

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