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Royal Blossom Vase - Large
Royal Blossom Vase - Large Royal Blossom Vase - Large Royal Blossom Vase - Large
Item #: 146109
Royal Blossom Vase - Large

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Large porcelain vase for home or office.

At the behest of King August III in 1739, Johann Joachim Kaendler created the incomparable "Snowball Blossoms", a decoration that impresses with its lavish design and elaborate production.

The artistically designed relief gives the vases an additional dimension and emphasizes the filigree beauty of the handmade blossoms.

The "Royal Blossom" series is therefore not only a tribute to the historical splendor of "snowball blossoms", but also a contemporary implementation that cleverly combines tradition and modernity.

These porcelain vases not only bear witness to the highest level of craftsmanship, but also to a love that lives on through the centuries in the form of artistically designed vases.

Decor: Royal Blossom
Designer / Artist: Meissen Atelier
Year of Creation: 2016

Materials: Porcelain

Height: 19.5 cm, 7 3/4"
Diameter: 17.5 cm
Weight: 1470 g
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