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Dennis Meade
Slide Locket
Slide Locket
Item #: 133818
$760 Please call or email for price.
1.25" x 1"
Sterling Silver
Handmade and hand-engraved piece by artist Dennis Meade
Chain sold separately

This locket includes hand engraving on both sides by Dennis Meade. It is featured here on a wheat chain with ornate single letters in different styles. You may choose a multiple letter monogram or a decoration that would make this a special keepsake for you or your loved one.

Please contact our store for availability and delivery time, as each piece is handmade - 859-225-7474 or sales@lvharkness.com.
**Please contact store for availability and details regarding this item at 866-225-7474 or at sales@lvharkness.com.